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    Vikas Kalra

    The Rising Star
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    Indian Army

    Dedicated to Indian Army
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    After ruling so many Stages, he stepped into the world of Anchoring/Hosting/Event Management and of course Poetry
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    His Own Way by the way !

    Find humour in any situation and under any circumstances.
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    I and I of Vikas Kalra

    Identity and Intention, to bring joy and laughter to the people of this world.
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    On the Set of Kaun Banjaega Crorpati

Our Services

We represents the rough, trendy, edgy, honest, challenging, yet tasteful within the latest in the comedy scene. We strive to show case quality, contemporary performing artists and shows within comedy / humor nationally and internationally. We produce almost all of our own shows and we are continuously working actively to keep ourselves relevant within the humor genre. We are committed to the development and creativity in the genre, and works with both young comedian sprouts and established artists.

Event Management

We do complete management to the creation and development of large scale events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, formal parties, concerts, or conventions.

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Our Comedy is professional entertainment consisting of jokes, intended to make an audience laugh.

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Poetry is literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm

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The use of irrelevant information as a reference for evaluating or estimating some unknown value or information, is the actual achoring from our point of view

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Meet Our Clients


Comedian, Anchor & Poet,Engineer & MBA by qualification.

Has excelled as a standup comedian, poet & anchor | Known for his clean, neat humor connecting across all corporate audiences, age groups, gender & classes, With 7 years of professional experience.

Vikas Kalra has been a favorite among clients & event management companies for corporate get together, parties, brand launches, inaugurations, annual days, cultural extravaganzas, marriages and numerous theme based events

Vikas Kalra has played a perfect artist for more than 1000 events now spanning super enthusiastic crowds, corporate big shots, and not to forget the big fan following from his audiences.

Our Skills

These are the skills which makes us perfect and best in the market.


  • Anchoring

  • Poetry

  • Event Managment


Live Performances

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